New Flood has already begun



New Flood has already begun
27.11.03, the


The first time in 12,000 years the glaciers of Antarctica began to rapidly melt

Phenomenally rapid melting of ice in Antarctica continues. The largest ever recorded iceberg called B-15 was locked in the Ross Sea during the two and a half thousand years. Mass the size of the island of Jamaica (more than 11,000 square meters. Kilometers) because of severe storms and melting ice split at the end of October this year. At first crack divided it into two parts, and recently the American glaciologists reported that the division continues. Yet the bulk of the iceberg was distributed between the two fragments of obtaining indices B15A and B15J. Now the title of "King of the iceberg," went on to V19A, the surface area is equal to 5659 square meters. kilometers.

The first time in 12,000 years the glaciers of Antarctica began to rapidly melt. The largest of the ocean wanderers up area of 5.5 thousand square meters. kilometers, which is twice the size of Luxembourg. Similar processes occur in the Arctic.

Our blue planet may soon be without ice caps. Back in March of last year, scientists started talking with concern that the giant ice shelves break up under the influence of global warming. As a result, a portion of one of the largest icebergs in Antarctica BM-14 fell by 3,000 41 235 kilometers per day. Head of the laboratory British Antarktic Survey, Dr David Vaughan of Glaciology said then that "flabbergasted speed the process. Simply impossible to believe that a block of ice weighing nearly five billion tons of broken up in just a month." Scientists have expressed concern that over time the process can be accelerated, and then the threat of a new Flood becomes very real for humanity.

They were right. Within two months of their colleagues at the National Centre in glaciological Syutlende (Maryland) reported that clumps give all the new cracks, and many kilometers of icebergs fly away from them as kindling. For example, in September of this year from one of the glaciers came off an iceberg, with an area nine times larger than Singapore.

"Global warming is not too useful and pleasing to the human process, — the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov Maxim Sokolsky. — This can drastically change the climate of the planet, facing a variety of disasters and ultimately threatens the survival of the Earth's biosphere. Already, because of the split glaciers have difficulty with navigation, killing tens of thousands of animals, many of which are rare and endangered species. put last year's drift to the brink of survival of an entire colony of emperor penguins at Cape Croisier. for breeding these animals need thick, solid ice cover. Instead, the poor fellows turned to snow hash that did not maintain their weight. More than half of them died. Naturally, there is anxiety — what's next? "

Unfortunately, there are no measures to combat destructive process but a closer observation and accurate forecasting, scientists still can not offer that. However, from time to time there are exotic hypotheses, how to overcome the greenhouse effect. American James Krauf proposed the "elimination" on the poles of the great masses of artificial ice, and Australian Charles Capucci developed the theory of the injection of cold in certain parts of our planet, covering their freezer cap filled with freon. Creating such a huge cold stores would cost to humanity in an impossible amount, but this is not the limit of fantasy. Scientists from the University of Maryland recently announced their project forced deviation from the usual course of the planet's rotation, which supposedly will change the climate on it for the better. So far, all of these projects seriously no one sees.

The cheapest seems to "know-how" of the Moscow geophysics Igor Yanovsky. According to Igor Nikolayevich, destructive processes occurring in the interior of the home planet, including the phenomenally rapid melting of glaciers, have a direct relationship with our thoughts and feelings. (By the way, in ancient China, the viceroy of the emperor in the province in which the devastating earthquake occurred, was executed!) According to Professor Janowski, our evil deeds and thoughts give rise to a corresponding reaction on the part of mother nature. In his opinion, it was the poor behavior of mankind once triggered the Great Flood. If we change the way of thinking and to do good, the trouble can be avoided. Of course, to call this a scientific theory can only be a stretch, but the proposal itself is not bad. And the other, it seems, is still there. 



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