New guided object in the Crimea: antique flooded city of Acre

Now tourists can make underwater walk through Bosporus.

A new tourist attraction was the ancient city of Acre, which was flooded by natural processes. However, at the time of his visit due to weather conditions is not possible, but with the end of May, it will be possible to plunge into the underwater world of Bosporus. This was announced by Head of the Department of Underwater Archaeology KRU "Black Sea Undersea Research Centre" Victor Vahoneev. 

He said the tour of the ancient city of Acre will be held until the beginning of July, as this is the most favorable time for his visit, reports Resort Information Center.
"We propose to explore the city that is in the period of the archaeological expedition there. At this time, most sea is warm and clean. Archaeologists finds show and tell as much information about the city — said Vahoneev. "

He also stressed that the defensive wall with a thickness of two meters, as well as the remains of ancient buildings are well preserved until today.
"The city has an area of four hectares. It was not a very big town, but the fact that there were defensive walls, said that he was a self-contained shopping center Bosporus — emphasizes the archaeologist. "

Recall the status of an underwater museum to get two object of Crimea: the ship "Lenin" that sank in 1941 near Cape Sarich, and the submarine "Scat" times of imperial Russia, which have flooded the coastSevastopolin 1919.

Tentatively, Acre has existed since the end of the VI century BC to the beginning of the IV century AD. Cause of death — rising sea levels and the movement of tectonic plates.

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