New helicopters Ka-52 Alligator arrived at an air base in Primorye

Four new combat helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" arrived at an air base maritime helicopter Red unification of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Eastern Military District in Primorye, told RIA Novosti on Sunday, chief information service of the Far Eastern Association Air Force and Air Defense Sergei Grove.

The first scheduled flights "Alligator" on the program of combat training is scheduled for June 14, 2011. "The first take-off on all new helicopters to the base airfield" Chernigovka "fulfill the crew of a helicopter squadron deputy commander Major Andrei Volkov and navigator Lieutenant Sergei Kolesnikov," — said the source.

Before the end of 2012, the air base in Chernigovka will be fully rearmed "Alligator."

Proven combat experience Mi-24 and Mi-8 will also set up to develop a resource for the operation, said the helicopter airbase commander Colonel Dmitry countrymen. All military pilots of the air base received the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the control helicopter Center deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation, Grove added.

Helicopters arrived at an air base in Chernigovka from the airfield aircraft plant "Progress" City Arsenyev Primorsky Krai, the flight time was 33 minutes, the distance from the factory airfield to the runway in Chernigovka — 99 kilometers.

The Ka-52 "Alligator" — Russian multi-purpose helicopter. It is a further development of the model of the Ka-50 "Black Shark". Army aviation command vehicle, carrying out reconnaissance, indications of purpose and coordination of attack helicopters, capable of hitting armored and unarmored vehicles, manpower on the battlefield and air targets. Maximum speed — 350 miles per hour, range 1.2 thousand kilometers, the altitude of 5.5 thousand meters of climb — 10 meters per second. The crew — two people, the pilot and navigator.

In June of 2008 in the city of Arsenyev, Primorye on the airfield aircraft plant "Progress", the first test flight of the first Ka-52 from the pilot run. In October 2008, the plant began limited production of "Alligator". The first in February 2011, four helicopters "Alligator" by the Centre for deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation in Torzhok, Tver Region. In the framework of the state defense order until 2012 will come down the assembly line 30 Ka-52 helicopters. As of May 20, 2011, has made 12 "Alligator". Ten more are in production facilities, according to the materials of the information service of the Far Eastern Branch of the Air Force and Air Defense.

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