New high-speed ship laid at the Khabarovsk Shipyard

On Khabarovsk Shipyard built a new high-speed boat to the water-jet engines A45-2 project, designed to carry a hundred passengers. Its construction will begin upgrading the fleet of long-distance passenger lines. In the future, A45-2 will replace outdated "Meteora."

More than half a century, the stocks of Khabarovsk Shipyard did not go down to the water, passenger ships, the fleet replenishment was carried from the western Russian shipyards. In 2012, in Khabarovsk will be built two passenger hovercraft for 30 and 50 seats. For regions where river transport is often the only, these orders are of particular importance.

Customer ship — Habarovskvodtrans. The new ship of 68 tons will be about 33 feet long and 6 — wide. Thanks to modern aerodynamics its cruising speed of 70 km / h. Descent of the ship on the water is planned next spring. After several stages of testing by the autumn it will be transferred to the customer.

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