New housing CDB Civil Aviation opened in Moscow

In the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation in the north-west of Moscow earned a new therapeutic housing.

Ten-therapeutic housing is designed for 520 patients. Each berth is equipped with an intercom connection with the post of a nurse and a visual alarm. Over 70% of physicians with the highest qualification category. CDB is involved in the urban program of compulsory health insurance.  Sergei Sobyanin, Acting Mayor of Moscow:
— Good thing he works mainly for Muscovites. 80% of the troops who served there — are former employees of aviation, retirees and current employees. 80% — are Muscovites. I talked with the chief physician and thankful to you and her that you are paying so much attention to Muscovites. Treat them. Treat quality, no complaints. Thank you very much for your hard work.

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