New housing residents received Irkutsk, Myshkin and Serov

Today in the Leninsky district of Irkutsk opened a hostel for families of employees of municipal educational institutions of the city.

The hostel took one of the block sections in the newly-built house. The administration of Irkutsk purchased at public auction 35 residential costs 35.4 thousand rubles per square meter. Block section consists of five floors, each of which is located on the seven apartments. The area of apartments — from 22.4 to 34.1 square meters. The apartments consist of a living room, kitchen or kitchen area, hallway and bathroom.
"The hostel will live only teachers of schools and kindergartens, and their families. A total of 80 people — said the head of the Irkutsk Viktor Kondrashov. — Provision of an apartment in the municipal hostel — a measure of support for the city of Irkutsk those who teach and educate our children. "

 Who is in the queue for housing in the dorms are more than 300 employees of municipal institutions in the city, almost a third of them are employed in the education sector.
In the words of Viktor Kondrashov, already prepared the drafts of two high-rise dormitories for state employees. This completely closes the need for dormitories for employees of municipal institutions.
Recall provision of apartments in a dormitory teachers of schools and kindergartens — one of the components of the policy of the city government to create a comfortable environment for the upbringing and development of the younger generation of Irkutsk.

In the administration area Myshkinsky March 15, handed the keys to new apartments. Received housing orphans and families previously living in dilapidated houses.

The keys were handed over by the district head Anatoly Kuritsin. Congratulating the owners of new apartments with a joyous event, Anatoly G. wished all the families of comfort and warmth. And now the family has already begun to move into a new house number 22 on the street Assumption.

Address program on resettlement of people from emergency housing acts in the area since 2008.


In Serowe commissioned Condo for relocation of tenants from dilapidated housing. As reported by the provincial Ministry of Energy and Utilities, new building was the second of the six facilities to be built in the urban district of Serov on regional targeted program "Moving people from emergency housing with the need of low-rise construction."

The first apartment building down the street Korolenko, 65, was put into operation in December 2012. In the coming days, the keys to new apartments in it will have 110 people. In the 36-apartment building with total area of 1.2 thousand square meters. meters down the street Parovoznikov, 2d, will be resettled citizens of eleven damaged houses. 72 people will move here.

As previously reported, the construction of five apartment buildings on the program to move people from emergency housing Serovskaya urban district was granted financial support from the state corporation — Housing Fund and the regional budget. Total funding amounts to 227.5 million rubles. Amount of additional funding for the work — more than 27 million rubles. According to the district administration, the construction of houses included in the program number 1, № 3, № 7, № 13 on the street Parovoznikov be completed in April of this year. In total, the summer will be resettled in 47 damaged houses, home to 510 people.

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