New immunological laboratory was opened in Yakutsk

Immunological laboratory in which using the latest equipment specialists in just a few hours can detect tuberculosis, opened in Yakutsk, according to the State Committee for Science Yakutia.

The problem of tuberculosis in Yakutia, especially in remote areas, is especially acute. One reason is that, for example, not all the remote villages are covered by private rooms where doctors can do chest x-rays. In addition, the added problems released prisoners who are infected with TB healthy people.

The laboratory was opened on the basis of scientific and practical center "Phthisiology." "The laboratory is equipped with the latest facilities that meet modern requirements in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Introduce modern methods of rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis. Rapid diagnosis allows to assign adequate TB treatment and thereby reduce the time patients" — the committee.

According to employees of the institution in the laboratory will be conducted studies such as the monitoring of the parameters of cellular immunity and immunological diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection, the differentiation of infectious and postvaccinal allergies in children and adolescents with an innovative test system "Tubinferon." The latest equipment will allow the laboratory to identify TB in just 4 hours.

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