New interchange on the Volokolamsk highway was opened in Moscow in full

A new transport interchange in the area of the floodplain Pavshinskoy fully opened to traffic.

The first section of the road was opened at the end of September this year. From Moscow to the side entrance of the floodplain Pavshinskoy was carried out on a new two-lane flyover.

The other day was started and three-kilometer road in the opposite direction. It is also two-way, as the first section of the road. In the same area where the Volokolamsk highway intersects with the Ring Road, the roadway extended from two to three lanes in each direction, thus managed to increase the capacity of the highway about three times.

According to the head of the capital construction department Andrey Bochkarev, formerly at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road Volokolamke Pass no more than 4 million vehicles per hour, and now quietly walk up to 10,000 cars. And all thanks to the expansion of the road and construction of flyovers. Pavshinskaya floodplain — a picturesque place surrounded by water, is only 2 km from the Moscow Ring Road. There is large-scale housing construction, which began in 2004. In total, the new home in Pavshino can handle up to 80,000 people — the population of the whole city. But until this year, the people out there who have become inhabitants of the new buildings had to get to them, as they say, and gardens. Straight in from Volokolamke was not. Recall that in May, Sergei Sobyanin instructed to begin work on the expansion of the site and work started. As a result, less than four months, part of the problem was solved.

By the way another hot issue — the reconstruction of the Leningrad highway from Moscow to the turn to Sheremetyevo Airport. It will start next year. This was to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" reported the deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and the construction of Marat Khusnullin.

Source: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" — Capital Issue number 5621 (245), Olga Ignatov.

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