New kindergarten cantonment Stavropol

August 1 kindergarten number 17 in Stavropol, which is in the 556-quarter, better known as the "military town", will take new students, and then running, they say, at full capacity. Visit it will be 360 children. Garden — Municipal. About half of the students — the children of war, half — city.

Kindergarten together with the adjacent territory covers an area of 11 thousand 260 square meters. Area — 4000 270 sqm. in the yard — seven pavilions for walks in any weather, with new play equipment.

Pre-school institutions such capacity in the Stavropol region today some more. In Stavropol, for example, while their two — both new and built to modern designs. But to build them in the Stavropol region will continue.

The appearance of a pre-school room, with a developing environment that meets the current requirements — the result of implementation within the regional target program "Development of the network of preschool institutions in the Stavropol Territory, 2010-2013."

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