New kindergarten, the school and the museum opened in Noyabr’sk

December 29 Noyabr‘sk opened a new kindergarten "Daisy". Since January, 80 children from the village Mekhkolonna-15 will go to pre-school, which is not far from the house.

Since 1976, kindergarten "Daisy" in the neighborhood "15th Mekhkolonna" took a generation of children. For more than thirty years, the wooden building fell into disrepair and the administration Noyabr’sk decided to build a new one. The money for its construction singled District.

The school number 11 in Noyabr’sk opened a new building.

The new building housed the school: swimming pool with three lanes of 25 meters, a modern gym with showers and changing rooms area of more than five hundred square feet, a spacious auditorium, equipped with the latest technology. And under the transparent glass roof of the new building will soon blossom conservatory, the press service of the governor of the autonomous area.

Reconstruction of the school was carried out in two phases: the first phase of construction was renovated existing housing, the second — built annexe, which, according to experts, the students should be one of the favorite places for sports and leisure. Currently, the school number 11 in 1600 enrolled students.

The idea of creating an ethnographic open-air museum dedicated to the life and way of life of the indigenous peoples of the north, owned by the head of administration of the November Jeanne Belotsky. With the financial support of local patrons, after six months of construction, the ethnographic museum complex on the street Muravlenko successfully opened. The open air museum is located in a grove on the street Muravlenko between the old school and the fifth gas station. On the territory of towering two tents for rebyatni built a huge snow slide and swings, and, of course, a symbol of the holiday — the Christmas tree, decorated with unusual toys. The uniqueness of this museum that will live in the tent two Nenets family. According to Andrei Kolesnikov, here they came from the village of Halyasavey, Pur district. Women will run the household. And for guests who wish to visit this area, will talk about the life and customs of the peoples of northern and take a tour. By the way, any visitor will be treated to hot tea. The men, as usual in the Nenets families will be engaged olenevodchestvom. Near the nomad camps specially made for animals corral. The safety of people living in etnotsentre will provide police patrol cars — assured Andrei Kolesnikov. Etnotsentr will be open from 10 am to 11 pm, free admission. At the opening ceremony and visited the head of the administration of the November Jeanne Belotsky. Jeanne A. noyabryan thanked for their support in the creation of the project. According to the head of the administration, she is proud to be among her friends have families of Nenets communities with which it has friendly relations. — Etnotsentr was created on my initiative, many thanks to Andrei Kolesnikov, who supported my idea. We managed to quickly organize this complex, thanks to him, we will be able to make excursions to the ethnography of the peoples of the North, which should know both adults and children, living in the land of the Yamal — shared with the audience Jeanne A..

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