New kindergarten was opened in the Amur region

Today Bilohirsk opened a new kindergarten for 100 places. Center for Early Child Development "Dolphin" — the only one in Bilohirsk private preschool.

— The shortage of kindergartens is not new — appealed to a visiting head of Belogorska. — From 1993 to 2003 Bilohirsk "lost" 15 kindergartens. This is the first garden that the city was able to return. I think this is a significant event for Belogorska. Prior to that, we have discovered an additional group of 12 was opened for 340 seats. Reserves ended. For a long time we have been negotiating with the regional government, it has gone to meet us and today we are opening this kindergarten.
Stanislav Melyukov thanked all involved in the return and the opening of the kindergarten. Recall procedure for the transfer of the building from preschool regional property the city began in 2010. Then the main building located here interanta school number 16.
In total renovation of the building was invested 50 million rubles. Most of them — the regional funds.

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