New kindergarten was opened in the village Bekovo Kemerovo region

"Childhood Planet" allowed to completely eliminate Belovskoy district prioritize children from 3 to 7 years. 
In kindergarten, there were six teams who will visit the 110 children. Everything is there for the harmonious development of the child: bright, cozy rooms, comfortable furniture, music and sports halls, modern appliances.


There is a pool, which will be taught to swim not only students of kindergarten, but also other children of the village. Modern nutrition unit is equipped in accordance with the technologies of healthy eating. In the medical office equipment was installed for the production of oxygen cocktail. On the first floor are made under floor heating, especially for children‘s clothes drying cabinets are provided to kids do not get cold.

At the kindergarten equipped with six gaming sites in the context of different age children. In winter, you can pour ice rink, prepared for this special area. Provide a special area for experiments on the cultivation of plants, where the kindergarten students will learn to take care of their own little vegetable garden.

There is at kindergarten and zest. It will pay special attention to the preservation of national culture Teleut people. In the classroom the kids will learn the native language, crafts, applied arts, as well as get acquainted with musical instruments, festivals and rituals of their homeland.

Child safety has the latest fire alarm system with voice alarm, panic button, 12 CCTV cameras. From each group provided hotel a back door. In general, the construction of a kindergarten were sent to more than 107 million rubles.

Belovskij district has become the seventh in the territory where all the kids from 3 to 7 years old attend kindergarten.

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