New life of the old port

Port Moskalvo (summer navigation 2011)

Once Moskalvo port was the center of shipping the north of Sakhalin, through him supplied with food Rybnovskij, Okha and even Nogliksky areas.
With the development of auto industry sector and air transport the port lost its importance in the economic life of the island, but it has become extremely important for other regional industries — oil and gas. In 2006, a large port facilities became the property of the JV "Sakhalin Shelf Service." For several years in its territory have been renovated and constructed berthing facilities, runways and platforms, areas for cargo handling and storage. Reconditioned port buildings, warehouses, warehouse operative organized materials to ensure the planned work offshore drilling units.

In the almost century-old history of the port was opened a new page.
Today, during the navigation period, the northern gate of the island take about 80 — 100 vessels of up to 3 tons. Most of them are engaged in the delivery of material and technical resources to the fields and courts, providing drilling at Sakhalin offshore projects.

Actively being productive activities to ensure work on Kirinskoye field project "Sakhalin-3" on the east coast of the island shelf. Her scheme developed and implemented specialists JV "Sakhalin Shelf Service."
Most of the work in full swing at the port during the navigation season. Since the beginning of June until the middle of November, the company employs about 50 workers. Most of them — from the person. Moskalvo and Okha. Hum cranes fell silent only in the winter-spring period, when coastal water is covered with ice. At this time, the vital activity of the port and its preparation for navigation provides a regular cadre.

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