New locomotives for Sakhalin

In the sixth Business Forum "Strategic Partnership 1520" JSC "Russian Railways" and JSC "Sinara Group" signed an agreement on the production and supply of main articulated locomotive with a gauge of 1067 mm for use on the railways of Sakhalin.

Railways will be delivered by 2015 40 articulated locomotives TG16M.
The agreement was signed Vladimir Yakunin and president of the "Ekaterinburg" Dmitry Pumpyanskiy.
Production of diesel will be launched on Lyudinovo locomotive factory.

JSC "Lyudinovskiy Locomotive Plant" g.Lyudinovo located in the Kaluga region.
Since 2007 is part of the holding company "Ekaterinburg — Transport Machines".
The plant produces shunting locomotives with hydraulic transmission (Series TGM4B, TGM6D) and power (series TEM7, TEM9). In 2010, the plant was presented a new two-section diesel locomotive TG16M.

OJSC "Ekaterinburg — Transport Machines" — Divisional holding company, which is part of ZAO Sinara Group.
STM combines JSC "Ural Railway Engineering Plant" (UZZhM, Cverdlovskaya region), JSC "Lyudinovskiy Diesel Locomotive Plant" (LTZ, Kaluga region), LLC "Ural Diesel Engine Plant" (UDMZ, Yekaterinburg).
Activities: locomotive, engineering, networking service.

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