New Mi-28N and Mi-26 arrived in WEST

Army aviation in the Western Military District (WEST) got adopted another batch of new helicopters Mi-28N and Mi-26, said Wednesday, Acting Spokesperson Major General Vladimir WEST Drobyshevskiy.

"Today in the city of Rostov-on-Don specialists join the Air Force and Air Defense of the Western Military District began to receive three Mi-28N helicopters and amphibious transport helicopter Mi-26. In the coming days, engineers and technicians WEST will make an in-depth examination of all systems and equipment received, "- said V.Drobyshevsky.

He noted that the new helicopters Mi-28N and Mi-26 after receiving will be relocated to the base airfield.

V.Drobyshevsky recalled that the first couple of Mi-28N has been accepted by experts WEST in April 2013. "At this point in the technique adopted Army aviation aircrew launched WEST practical development in the center of training and re-training of flight personnel (Torzhok)," — he said.

By the end of 2013, according to V.Drobyshevskogo, aircraft parts WEST will join more than 70 units of the latest and upgraded aircraft. In addition to the Mi-28N and Mi-26 of the Army Aviation will receive Ka-52, Mi-35 and Mi-8AMTSh.
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