New models of cheaper production

LLC "Orient ETC" started mass production of its own design — woodworking machine that replaces spetsstanka four different versions. "Machine, unlike small household or industrial machines can operate without readjustment.

The combination of features allows you to perform all kinds of wood works and allows the shuttle processing of the material, which reduces the processing time ", — said the" DP "Director Vyacheslav Pankratov.

In the development of the new machine have invested up to 50% of the profits from sales of the company during the year. The estimated payback period — 1-2 years. It is planned to produce up to 40 machines per year. The company sells products to individuals, educational institutions, industrial workshops, building small businesses. Fudge "Orient-ETC" (78769) * is developing a universal machines light series (up to 150 kg) in 1990 is now a small company, which employs 23 people, produces 35 variants of machine tools for the seven types of equipment. All models produced patented.

Production volumes — about 400 machines a year. Annual turnover — about 6 million. Under a production lease of 150 m2, a warehouse — 100 m2. Now developers minimize the cost of production of the new model. "Research and Production Enterprise survives only by imagination and rationalization, which allows to minimize the cost of production.

At your own risk, we are investing in the development of new models and technologies, conduct an analysis of the market "- says Vyacheslav Pankratov. Production of universal woodworking machines involved in the company of China (Jet, Sarvet — Build in Voronezh) and Belarus (" Mogilevliftmash "," Tekhnopribor ").

Text: Petrov Elnara 

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