New models of thermostats Teplolux

GC "Special systems and technologies" is the new model for underfloor heating thermostats TR 510 and TR 520.


Model TR 510 is a highly reliable and easy to operate instrument. This thermostat is ideal for managing a warm floor in cases that do not require programming. The ergonomic body design and convenient temperature control dial to make the process function of switch controls the comfort of an easy and enjoyable.


 Programmable digital thermostat TR 520 is equipped with a graphic display with built-in lighting. Contrasting and well-read numbers and icons are intuitive for the user. The basic idea of the software thermostat TR 520 — Energy efficiency and convenient management interface. To realize this idea in the device programmed four events — the "morning rise", "time", "the return of the evening" and "sleep." The user can define for each event level of the temperature floor heating (heating comfort and economy), and the time interval to switch between them. The thermostat remembers the settings for each day separately and includes heating at the right time.

Additionally, Model TR 520 implemented continuous mode the set temperature and mode, "anti-freeze", which in the case of prolonged absence of people at home, will provide the lowest positive at room temperature.

Families with young children will be useful to lock function that is easily installed and removed by adults.

Corps of new models of thermostats are made of high-quality glossy plastic in the form of a candy bar without a separate installation of the frame. Due to the minimal number of parts installation of devices is greatly simplified. The modern design and compact design of the new thermostats allow harmoniously fit into any décor.

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