New passenger car for railway

Today on Vodogone got the wheels on the rails railway Belozerskaia brand new trailer. The car is produced Kambarka machinery plant

  • (C) Photo by Vladimir Larionov, the newspaper "Evening Severodvinsk"
  • (C) Photo by Vladimir Larionov, the newspaper "Evening Severodvinsk"

In the coming days, the factory specialists will prepare him to White Lake for use, and early next week, the car in the duty room to go to the first flight. At White Lake holiday, the bride of the new "resident" Severodvinsk heartland will probably all Belozerskoye population. And the right to post-Soviet Russia, the spectacle is unique, because the cars on a narrow track a long time ago in a country not allowed.

Kudemskaya narrow gauge railway
located on the western outskirts of the city of Severodvinsk, currently operates 41 km. In 2010, the narrow-gauge railway in the rating "10 most beautiful railway routes of the planet"

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