New patrol ship Dagestan was released on the first sea trials in the Caspian Sea

Launching a rocket ship "Dagestan" (April 2011)


By the spring of 2012 missile ship "Dagestan" should step up combat duty, amounting together with the head of the project 11661K ship "Tatarstan" tandem, capable of destroying any fleet in the Caspian Sea.


In the Navy’s new ships called in response to the strengthening of the Navy of Azerbaijan. However, the main potential enemy in the region is Iran.

The main contradictions in the Caspian Sea are disputes between Iran and Azerbaijan over the oil-bearing areas of the bottom near the border between the two countries. Also, still have not decided who owns the oil-producing areas in the center of the sea. The dispute is how to divide the bottom — to develop jointly or share in the sector corresponding to the shoreline.

Despite the age of the majority of the ships, Russian and so occupies the first place in the Caspian Sea on the possibilities of its fleet of 28 ships and boats. Even Iran’s fleet — 50 ships — less than that, because it consists of small patrol boats, designed to combat poachers and smugglers. A Navy other Caspian states — Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan — no prevyschayut 10-12 small boats.

The patrol ship (SKR) "Dagestan", like "Tatarstan", is built on technology "STELZ" and is able to reach 28 knots. In the inventory impact marine systems — two torpedo tubes, reactive bombometnaya installation, anti-aircraft missile system "Osa-MA" and, of course, guns.

But the main weapon of the ships is an advanced missile system ‘Caliber-NK ", range is up to 300 km. It can destroy not only ships, but also ground targets located in the hinterland. On the "Tatarstan" established complex "Uranus" with Kh-35U range of up to 280 km. In sum, these two ships are 16 extended-range cruise missiles.

Readiness "Tatarstan" and "Dagestan" at a time when some countries in the region strengthen their navy by the Americans, is becoming a key factor for the safety of Russian territorial waters in the Caspian Sea, told "Izvestia" a source in the Russian Navy.

— USA Today strengthen cooperation with Azerbaijan have views of Turkmenistan, supplying them with boats, and here the new patrol give a guarantee of the preservation of our superiority, — noted the "News".

Caspian fleet replenishment program was developed in the late 1990s and is characterized by the systematic approach and well thought out, says military expert Alexander Brain, editor of "National Defense".

— The political situation in the region is extremely unpredictable. When creating a program, its purpose was defined as: providing guaranteed quality excellence in the Caspian Sea over any opponent — said Brain.

Caspian Flotilla, founded by Peter the Great, is one of the oldest connections of the Russian fleet. However, many of the ships, mostly 70s-80s built, physically obsolete.

The main base of the fleet — Astrakhan, Makhachkala Dagestan Kaspiysk, in which. based and mobile coastal missile systems and two Marine battalions.

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