New private life of mine Novodzerzhinskaya and the new heroes Stakhanovites


In 2010, the mine "Novodzerzhinskaya" was leased to a private investor since April last year SLC "Leased enterprise" Mine "Novodzerzhinskaya ‘" — a structural unit of the Scientific and Production Association "Mechanic". This partnership is one of the most illustrative examples of successfully attracting commercial investment in the sector.

Thanks to the arrival of the NGO "The Mechanic" was prepared by a new horizon, charged lava, the problem with the transportation of coal to the surface. The company has saved the state of 2.4 million hryvnia per month of state, which previously received, as well as pay monthly rent to the state budget.

According to the director of the mine "Novodzerzhinskaya" Gennady Sonich ‘s, private investment, which came to the mine, have breathed new life into the company. "Private enterprise is easier to work with than the state. It’s just that we all have, and that forces are applied to the administration. The state budget we do not have subsidies — we work on ourselves: how many earned so much and got the money and we live ", — said the director.
According to experts, efficiency is also based on the relatively shallow depths of the mine, a high level of security and efficient organization of the work. "Earnings have is by reducing the ash content of coal. The average ash — 17-16%, and in some mines it to 40%. Here on this and we are winning: less ash — more good coal. In this paper we now have three powerful lava. One of the main events ending in 2011 was the launch of a new lava, which significantly raised the overall production. The next two lava plan to hand over by June 2012. All this will allow the second quarter of next year to obtain the figure of 1,000 tons daily production. The further development perspective "Novodzerzhinskaya" — a new horizon of 645 meters with large coal reserves. Enough work and the drifter and dobychnikam for many years to come ", — said Gennady Sonich.
The investor has decided a number of social problems: creating new jobs, wages are paid on time (average earnings miner here is 10 thousand USD per month, thunderstorms — 7 thousand), made contributions to the funds. For the employees of the enterprise to organize the delivery to the workplace comfortable transport, free of charge issued clothing and released the so-called "housing" coal for domestic use. Began work new dining room, menu which costs only 20 USD. Valid union organization — trips to resorts costing miners in the third of the cost, and the children of the miners — and at 10%.
At the mine erected a temple in honor of the Blessed Matrona of Moscow — the only temple in the Donetsk region, working around the clock.

In the new phase of the mine "Novodzerzhinskaya" has had vzrostit and their heroes.
In August 2010, the whole country resounded the news miner Sergei Shemuke, which broke the record of Alexei Stakhanov, established in August 1935. Dzerzhinets per shift chopped jackhammer 170 tons of coal, surpassing the achievement Stakhanova to 68 tons. Shemuk completed job change for 2023%, exceeding the task of area where you would normally employs about 20 people. For his outstanding work results miner mine "Novodzerzhinskaya" was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.
In the new phase of the mine "Novodzerzhinskaya" has had vzrostit and their heroes.

Chairman of the Trade Union of Coal Industry Viktor Turmanov noted that there are all conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation and collective investor mines. "Outlined a very serious and global reforms in the coal industry. For the first time in 20 years, accompanied by a reform of the sector at the legislative level. Now the issue about the features of the privatization of the coal industry, and I think that by the end of the year we will take this law. The trend of recent years is that the state is allocated enough funds for the development of the coal industry. Today, we already have about 25-30% of the coal non-state enterprises. Coal production private mines exceed state. Thus, the share of "private" in the total volume of coal production is 52%. So the prospects for the privatization of the mines, "- said Turmanov.

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