New Processors purchased Shemurshinsky district of Chuvashia

On the sidelines Shemurshinsky district will soon begin to work the new combine harvesters.

Agricultural enterprises, institutions and economy of the region are developing successfully, increasing crop, trade is growing, and constantly updated machine-tractor fleet of new agricultural and other machinery. July 13, 2012 by fleet renewal program of agricultural machinery in the area of leasing Shemurshinsky through "Rosagroleasing" acquired two combine harvesters: GS-812 "Palesse" for LLC "Chance" and GS-12 "Palesse" in KFH Sateeva AI

The purpose of fleet renewal program of agricultural machinery is accelerating the pace of modernization of machines and tractors of domestic agriculture. The program is based on the principle of regional quotas for funding and implement the "Rosagroleasing" on the basis of the applications of agricultural producers, and the priority is given to the peasant (farmer’s) economy and other small farms in the agricultural sector.


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