New products and developments at the exhibition New Electronics

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The main Russian Exhibition of electronic components and modules "New Electronics", converging on the areas of the company supplying the Russian market more than 90% of these products will be 26-28 March"Expocentre" Krasnaya Presnya. This year’s "New Electronics" has collected more than 200 companies from 15 countries. Some participants will present interesting new items.

The exhibition is scheduled extensive business program and a host of related industrial activities.

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Zelenograd "Angstrom" will show a series of high-speed circuits, a series of LED driver ICs and a series of power crystals. But the chief design center Optoelectronic Technology Enterprise Eugene Volodin will speak at the conference "Analog electronics and power management" on the theme "Micropower analog components: OC, comparators, analog switches, ADCs, precision multi-channel repeaters analog-digital systems."

SPC "ELVIS" present a radiation-resistant memory chips 1657RU1U and radio frequency chips, made by "Micron". Also on the stand is available with the development of multi-core multi-media network "cartoon-02» (MCom-02) at 40 nm design rules.

The Russian company "Multiclet" present the project to create a high-performance processor cores and defektoustoychivyh and low-power processors, designed on the basis of the Russian multicellular architecture. Now the company has released the first commercial batch of multicellular processor on the chip and put it on the largest companies and corporations of the country, "Almaz-Antey" IBC "Mars" PBMCs "Avionics", Institute of Space Device, RTSZI Fort CRI "Wave", "Morinformsystem — Agate "and others.

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The company’s products "Multiclet"

New universal RF power amplifiers for use in current and future satellite earth stations, will show the company "MNIRTI" Radio Engineering company "Vega". A distinctive feature of the amplifier is a multi-function module, which includes both the actual circuit amplification and processing of high-frequency signal, and a microprocessor that controls and monitors the status of the unit. Microwave circuits amplifier made of gallium arsenide. Amplifiers operate with high output power (up to 200 W) at high ambient temperatures (up to +60 ° C) and 100% humidity.

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  • svc.jpg
Universal RF power amplifier of "MNIRTI"

Set of teaching and laboratory equipment, consisting of six laboratory stands, the study of microcontrollers, Renesas and Freescale will Dagestan State Technical University. Laboratory studies can acquire practical skills for working with microcontrollers these companies.

Company Flexlab («NTSPR") — will show an automated centralized notification system of the new generation of controls and the population from a nationwide broadcast channels VHF "VECTOR" ordered by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, and microminiature personal computer with the protection of information? PC ™, a new type of computer, made in form factor USB flash having its own system installation and removal of software, its own system of user authentication and built-in protection against malicious users and malicious virus programs.

The company "Alcon" will present zapatentnovannuyu universal instrument cluster with vehicle CAN-bus, created on the basis of best of the latest generation processor platform, which allows to significantly reduce both the cost of the electronic module of the instrument cluster significantly expanding its function.

The company "Resource" has developed a permanent chip resistors not wire, microwave chip resistors for surface mount resistors not wire the permanent collections.

Zelenogradskaya prefecture will present some of the company’scollective stand"Angstrom", "Technological Center MIET", "Nanotechnology Center», LDM Systems, Optim Electro, NPK "Axel", Centre for Employment and Also in the exhibition will take part Zelenograd company "Milandr."

"First and foremost, the focus at the show will be on the supply of Russian developers and manufacturers of electronics and modern with quality electronic components, — says Alexander Bilenko organizer. — This familiarity with the latest market and search for new contacts, discuss supply chain of imported hardware components and options for cooperation with the Russian manufacturers of electronic components. "

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