New Renault Logan began to gather at AvtoVAZ

In the line of B0, which produces AvtoVAZ Lada Largus and Nissan Almera, began the process of assembling the first copies of Renault Logan cars of new generation. Talking about the mass character of production while not speak, but the fact that it Togliatti car plant will be home to "Frenchman" with Romanian roots, has indeed become a fact.

Earlier it was reported that AvtoVAZ will start mass production of a new generation of Renault Logan in the second half of 2013 (Probably in July-August). Spy photos, obtained by us, make assumptions are quite real. The car that you see in the pictures has been collected on March 6 and is one of the first examples of (if not the first), "Logan" VAZ production.


Differences in the interior vazovskogo "Logan" and "Logan" from Dacia is. Highlights: air vents on the center console rectangular. (!) In Romanian, "Dacia" they are round — see the photo below.

Interior of the 2013 Dacia Logan

Also, we previously reported that AvtoVAZ is a foreign car body painting, which has been identified as a new Renault Logan. In addition to the company, according to our information, has long supplied mashinokomplektyi from Romania, who are finally allowed to go into business.

When the wait for the new Renault Logan Russian assembly on sale — until the matter. Earlier it was reported that the car will go on sale until 2014. According to other sources, the beginning of shipment to dealers may start as early as the end of 2013 — in November and December. Yes, the end of the year may be a period when potential buyers will be able to live to look at innovation in dealer showrooms.

It is likely that a new "Logan" will be presented at the Moscow International Motor Show, as was the case with the Nissan Almera, which at that time could not finally enter the market. Applications are accepted on a car, but that’s delivery times, "Ulmer" definitely uncertain.

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