New roads and interchanges in Moscow (photo)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


The other day I was taken aback by the question: what are the new roads and interchanges have been built in our capital city for the last time? When driving, I mostly enjoyed only a new departure with Novokurkino on the Ring Road. Fast guglenie showed that it was opened several new roads, and, quite necessary and important. At the weekend I rode a little in Moscow and looked to these new objects.

I deliberately did not bring a focus to their merits or demerits — in order to evaluate them, you need to always use these roads. But I will be glad to hear your opinions and impressions.

1. Departure from the residential area Kurkino on the Ring Road. Oh, this way people Kurkina waited a very long time. According to my friends who live there, in the streets of Liberty has become easier.

2. It was built many years. Rather, the pieces started to do, and then abandoned. For this overpass was convenient to ride a bike, moving to the opposite side of the Ring Road. And then suddenly again — and quickly finish everything.

3. In my view, such entrances and exits on the Ring Road — the simple and ingenious solution. That’s what I understand — drag strip. Plus, if more of a traffic jam, there is a small buffer for machines that are not immediately accumulate on the Ring Road.

4. An interesting solution. If you have decided not to go to Kurkino, you can head straight (pictured — right) and return to Moscow.

5. Road interchange on the Volokolamsk highway for residential development Pavshinskaya floodplain area with reconstruction Volokolamke Highway to its intersection with Highway Pjatnicky.

6. Previously, it was a hell of a place for the residents of flood plain: to turn left, you had to go away for a traffic jam ahead and turn around there. Now here is built rack for the left turn. But having called to understand and evaluating ubiquitous parking on lawns and wherever we can and can not, I thought that this is unlikely to save much people.

7. And again, in the north of the Moscow ring road construction. Redesigning the denouement with the Leningrad highway. As promised, this should remove the intersecting streams. It’ll soon and learn how to feel the Congress with the Moscow ring road in the direction of the external field.

8. The new bridge across the canal at Leningradke them. Moscow (pictured it right). By the way, few people know that it is located on the site of the old bridge. Quite old, which was built in 1937. Later, in 1970 there was already near modern bridge. But already in 2010 opened the last — on the site of the bridge in ’37. The new bridge has eliminated a bottleneck on the outskirts of Moscow, but now it has moved to Khimki.

9. The road from the Dmitrov highway to the 9th district of North neighborhood.

10. The idea is that it should have been unloaded Dmitrovka, but the area — as if bewitched. Dmytrivka as was well worth it. But residents of the 9th district are relatively easy access to Altufevo. And after the completion of the reconstruction Lianozovsky travel should be even better. :)

11. Construction of interchange Moscow — Library passage. It was here comes the long-suffering detour Khimki.

12. And it’s building a new ring road interchanges and Leningradki.

13. Wall forests is certainly impressive. And, further, where the height is less temporary bridge made for formwork. And then — so that’s fortress wall.

14. Drum roll — and one of the long-awaited motorways between Zvenigorod highway and the "Moscow-City".

15. Hooray! She opened. Finally! Now the office plankton in the towers have the opportunity to get your favorite job even faster!

16. But in general, is impressive.

17. More flyovers! Even higher and longer!

18. The exit of the external TTC on a suburban road. It turns out that before it was not.

19. Although not very clear what prevented build it immediately and remove the flow from the Congress on Varshavki. By the way, check with the inner ring on a suburban road too, not just done, but there was work — to connect two roads short length.

20. And then I fell into the sediment. No, that is based isolation Veshnyaki — Lubertsy, I knew.

21. But in the end it will be a real monster vehicle — not expected. She provides all of the pivoting movement aimed at congresses, excluding rebuild traffic in the area isolation.

22. Let’s go at random, deciding just to ride on it.

23. In the end, stranded on the side Lyuberetskiy fields.

24. At the Komsomolsk prospectus showed overpass passing through the sewer Lyuberetskaya WWTP. He was finally opened in September. Why would a collector had to run an overpass of this size, it remains a mystery. But it looks beautiful.

25. However, all six lanes (three in each direction) to bear against one side of the temple, and the other — in the next overpass, which connects the northern and southern parts of Lyuberets. And expand it until it seemed to me, are not collected.

26. But back to Moscow to a head with Veshnyak. Grand structure.

27. They wanted to double-deck roads? Get. Top — transit route Lyubertsy — Veshnyaki (not yet open). Below — the check-in from the inner Ring Road and then — in all possible directions. Between them — ring.

28. An appetizer leave the most expensive and the most talked about project — the section between the fourth ring road enthusiasts and Scherbakovskaya street, which was estimated to be some huge amount. But let us not about the money. The road is open, then!

29. However, it scares its emptiness.

30. This is the only machine that drove in the same direction. The building — a parking lot. I photographed him in fall 2008.

31. Now, while there are no normal interchanges, rather, it is just a racing track. But I hope that this site will somehow relieve the ever-standing road enthusiasts.

32. "Tunnel" under the parking lot.

33. Decoupling 4TK and 8th Street. Falcon mountain.

I will not argue that covered all the major built facilities, but on the whole general idea, I hope you got. I want to believe that in such a large-scale construction will not forget and about public transport, pedestrian zones, and about about many other things, without which the modern city can not become a city livable.

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