New Russian aerobatic team will fly the Yak-130


General Command of the Air Force (IAF), the Russian Federation decided to create a pilot group that will fly on combat training aircraft Yak-130, told reporters on Tuesday, Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin said. Currently in Russia there are several aerobatic teams, the most famous of them — "Swifts" and "Russian Knights". They use the MiG-29 and Su-27, respectively.

"Me was made by the Minister of Defense report on the subject, he had me second-hand, we are planning," — said Zelin. The Commander in Chief said that the creation of a light aircraft pilot group will use smoke effects are widely used in flight groups in other countries, including France and Italy.

He confirmed that the dismantling of "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" are planned. "I did not have and do not have such aspirations. Before you destroy something, it is necessary to create something, "- said the general. According to him, these two aerobatic team "no one is trying to and did not try to abolish." Zelin also said that during a recent trip to the U.S., he invited a group of American "Thunderbird" to show their flying skills in Russian. "I think that in 2012, Russia in the sky, they will fly — such confirmation I received," — he said.


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