New Russian corvette Savvy was first shown to the public

"The task of" gumption "- search, tracking and destruction of military ships, submarines and air attack of the enemy. It can also provide fire support for amphibious landings " — Said the captain, the captain of the second rank Alexander Telepov.


Corvette is equipped with an impressive set of weapons: antiship missile system "Uranus" anti-aircraft gun mount AK-630M, automatic artillery system of the A-190 and torpedo tubes.

Jamming and protection from homing missiles to the "gumption" a complex jamming. The system of decoy warheads leads to a false enemy target.

On board the corvette based antisubmarine helicopter Ka-27PL to detect and destroy submarines.

An important characteristic of "gumption" is the availability of modern combat information control system (CICS) "Sigma". It provides simultaneous tracking and engagement of targets on land, water, under water and in the air.

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