New sea port on the Yamal received the official title

The Government of Russia by its decisionfrom 25.04.2013 № 374has assigned the name "Sabetta" new sea port, being built in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district on the coast of the Gulf of Ob Kara Sea. Earlier Russian Government Orderfrom 26.02.2013 № 242-pwere established its borders.Construction of a sea port of Sabetta carried out in accordance with the decree of the Government of Russia from 13.07.2012 № 1259-p in order to facilitate loading of hydrocarbons South Tambeyskoye gas field on the Yamal Peninsula and the supply of natural gas, crude oil and gas condensate by sea to Western Europe, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific region.
"Rosmorport" in the face of the Arkhangelsk branch office, as the representative of the owner-developer, is involved in the construction of the following federal property in the seaport:
— shipping approach channel;
— projected area of auxiliary piers;
— coastal navigation aids in the navigation of the linear alignment (front and rear range markers);
— Control-correcting station GLONASS / GPS (DGPS station).

In 2012, attracted by the contracting organization were performed dredging seaport seized a total volume of soil over 1.5 million m3.

Currently internavigational period dredging in the sea port of Sabetta on the ice conditions are not implemented. Renew their plan in July of this year, when the waters of the Ob Bay of the Kara Sea in the area of related work is cleansed of ice.

For the record:
More detailed information on the progress of work on the construction of federal property in the sea port of Sabetta can be found in the section"Development of Arkhangelsk branch of port infrastructure and the fleet" 

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