New solutions Teplolux for home comfort

The company "Special Systems and Technologies" in August 2012 launched a new household electric heaters under the brand name "Teplolux."

Range of household electric heaters "Teplolux" in August completed the three new products: mobile warm floor "Teplolux Express», heating mat "Teplolux Carpet» heater and mirrors "Teplolux Mirror».


 Mobile warm floor "Teplolux Express »


                       "Teplolux Express» is a heating mat on the basis of a thin heating cable in a sealed protective shell, fitted with mounting wire length of 2.5 meters.

"Teplolux Express» is placed on the floor, covered with carpet (best short-nap, lint-free or braided), is included in the network via a dedicated power regulator — and a warm floor in the room is ready! "Teplolux Express» is available in two dimensional versions 2.0 x1, 4 meters and 2.0 x2, 8 meters, which corresponds to the most popular sizes of floor coverings. Mobile floor heating is not afraid of the water, the degree of moisture protection IPX7. In contrast to the classic warm floor "Teplolux Express» most efficiently on the wooden floor, parquet, laminate and linoleum. "Teplolux Express» can carry with you from a city apartment to the country, can be used in various rooms and spaces. Mobile warm floor "Teplolux Express» is an ideal solution for creating comfort in rented accommodation.


Heating mat "Teplolux-Carpet»

 "Teplolux-Carpet» provides a delicate shoe care, which is especially important during the period from October to May. Carpet is ready to use, just turn it into a power outlet. "Teplolux-Carpet» provides gentle drying shoes, the surface temperature does not exceed 40 ° C. Mat is completely safe and protected from moisture, it has a degree of moisture protection IPX7. "Teplolux-Carpet» suitable for family use — its size (80×50 cm) can simultaneously host a drying up to 5 pairs of adult shoes.

Mat can also be used in places where you want to warm your feet, such as at your desk or in a shopping pavilion.


Mirror heating "Teplolux Mirror »

Heater "Teplolux Mirror» removes moisture from the surface of the mirror, preventing fogging and providing complete comfort in bathrooms or any other wet areas (sauna, shower, etc.). "Teplolux Mirror» is easy to install: simply attach it to the back of the mirror and connect to the mirror lighting or general lighting.

Heaters Mirror "Teplolux Mirror» specially designed for rooms with high humidity and have a degree of moisture protection IPX4. Two sizes of heaters 50h42 cm and 60×50 cm enable the use of "Teplolux Mirror» with most types of bathroom mirrors.


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