New species of fish output in Russia

46 crosses and breeds of salmon, carp, sturgeon, whitefish and tsihlovyh diluted in real time on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

To all six zones of pond fish adapted existing types of carp. By growing in the warm waters of the industrial facilities are also adapted. 3 highly cross this fish recorded to date in the tribal registry. 7 species — are grown and is now registered in Russia trout. Pedigree representation of sturgeon also the last time on the territory of Russia expanded — Agro Business Consulting reported by the Russian Department of breeding and animal husbandry.

On two new species — Custer Custer Luchegorsky and decorated in real time sturgeon.

Work on the creation of domesticated forms of tench and pike are planned on the basis of MTS CJSC "Lipetskrybhoz" All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Irrigation Fisheries Agricultural Sciences, together with the Association "Rosrybhoz" in order to further establish the vysoproduktivnyh fish species.

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