New technology has successfully mastered the production of rubber

For a month the plant "Omsk rubber" produced about 2,000 tons of rubber stamps SKMS ARKM-30-15 under the new scheme, which allows significant savings in the cost of resources of the enterprise.


Now, under the new scheme, the production of oil-filled types of rubbers, special pump, oil is injected directly into the latex. Prior to that preparation of an emulsion of oil required to buy expensive raw materials — stearic acid and potassium hydroxide.

Bezemulsionny input oil latex — this is a reasonable proposal of three employees of the plant. The draft scheme made design department of the enterprise.

Chief Engineer Chief of rubber and latex production plant Sergey Bondarenko said that the scheme has proved itself well. New equipment mounted in the process of launching the scheme is working properly, provides a stable management process. Personnel changes do not require innovation, but there was a need to adopt new spending rules — now has a list of names of raw materials used in the shop selection of rubber, decreased by 2 points, and it saves resources of the enterprise.

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