New unified history textbook.

  • New unified history book
  • New unified history book

The new unified history textbook during the reign of Stalin named"The period of rapid industrialization and modernization, implementation of emergency methods",
although he described as the author of "Stalin’s socialism." 

Mass repressions attributed only to the period of 1937-1938. They are named by dealing with a potential "fifth column".

With the name of Boris Yeltsin’s shock therapy mentioned, loss of control, political crises and the war in Chechnya.

Of course, the textbook authors say that the project is not yet final and will be discussed, but the trend is good.
I want to believe that it was the wind of history was talking about Stalin.

Recently, more and more people are beginning to understand what is going on and do it for the historical facts, not false little book describing the horrors of the Soviet Union.

People are tired of the constant lies and want the truth about themselves and their country.

Truthful history book is a must, if we do not want to make the same mistakes. Too expensive, they cost us.

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