New Volzhanin SITIRITM

In 2006, a group of companies "Volgabas" introduced the first fully low-floor bus series "SITIRITM." The appearance of this machine has completely changed the market of passenger vehicles. "SITIRITM" has set new standards in design, ergonomics, comfort, safety and technical equipment.

For 6 years, was released more than 500 buses a length of 12 m and 15 machines operating in 14 regions of Russia earned the highest scores of passengers and operators. 4 times "SITIRITM" won the award "Best Domestic Bus of the Year".  

In 2010, the year the designers Scientific Center «Volgabus» started the development of the next generation. Experts have set a goal to keep all the advantages of the previous version and adds innovations to meet modern requirements and new technical regulations.  

The first in the series came out 18-meter and 12-meter buses with engine «MAN» Euro-5 standard. On these machines have been worked out comprehensive solutions, which are used in other models of the family. In 2013 «Volgabus» plans to release a 15-meter and 10-meter version of "SITIRITM" as well as a more affordable option polunizkopolny standard length of 12 m buses will be aggregated not only engines «MAN», but the motors of other brands, including " Cummins ».

The main competitive advantage of the second generation "SITIRITM" is economic efficiency. Smart planning will maximize passenger cabin. For example, the 18-meter bus can take the "on board" to 25 more than comparable vehicles of other Russian producers. By using the latest gearbox «ZF-Ecolife», fuel consumption in the urban cycle is reduced by 10%.

In the top-end version of buses "SITIRITM" set powertrains «MAN» ecological standard Euro-5 exhaust gas recirculation system. The shaft engine installation has allowed the most of interior space. Due to a number of innovative design solutions, significantly reduced noise and vibration from the engine. Also modified the cooling system of the power unit. The new scheme eliminates the possibility of overheating even when operating under high ambient temperature.

Significant innovations have been introduced in the suspension and weight distribution when calculating the body. Anti-roll bars in the front suspension improved directional stability and control bus. Proper distribution of axle load allowed optimizing brake force distribution, a smooth stroke.

Much attention is paid to the development of the bus elements of passive safety. "SITIRITM" 2nd generation has a unique body type with transverse web looped profiles that increase the rigidity of the structure. Experts «Volgabus» first in Russia introduced the so-called zone of passive safety and energy-absorbing profile of the roof to protect passengers in rollover bus. Additional stiffness of the body structure is achieved through the use of composite materials exterior. They are also more technologically advanced and have a much longer service life compared to traditional all-metal strung beads.

The service braking system of buses equipped with a powerful compressor providing compressed air supply volume of 700 l. / Min. This allows you to quickly fill the air system and significantly extend the life of the compressor. Air Cleaner provides a new generation of high-quality training of air makes it possible to prevent the installation of a dehumidifier and guarantees the protection of pneumatic de-icing in the winter.

A step forward in the field of electronic adjustment of the driver. On-board computer with the new software via a multiplexer bus «CAN-Bus» monitors the operating parameters of all major components, assemblies and systems. Using software algorithms control of the driver drives a minimum possibility of error. In addition, the computer allows the online mode, troubleshoot, and resolve them quickly.

The company «Volgabus» always gives maximum attention to passenger comfort. The new "SITIRITM" was the embodiment of the most modern standards of urban transport. Comfortable seats, optimally bred handrails, LED-lighting, a complete lack of steps and a comfortable height at the entrance doorways, powerful heaters, and the ability to install the climate system. All these innovations are designed to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.

Service specialists operating organizations certainly will appreciate the convenience of the main service units. All filters, valves, tanks for process fluids are in the area of direct access.

And of course, "SITIRITM" has set new standards in design. The car became more "European", more stylish, while maintaining the inherent minimalism of the first generation of technology.

Updated "SITIRITM" has already attracted the attention of transportation departments and enterprises from different regions of Russia. The first batch of 18 meter machines went to St. Petersburg and Moscow region. 12-meter machine took to the trails in Yekaterinburg. Recognition of the success of the Volga designers was winning the competition for the supply of buses to transport guests of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. For these purposes in the future, a group of companies «Volgabus» deliver 70 12-meter machines. In preparation are a few big contracts.

At the beginning of 2013 the family "SITIRITM» replenished with new versions. Thus, the transport will be able to choose the right car based on the challenges they face.

"SITIRITM" designed to meet not only Russian, but also the most stringent — European technical regulations. In the 2013-2014. holding "Volgabus" together with partners from the corporation «Ashok Leyland» plans will post the model to foreign markets.




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