New weather radar station on the Northern AHEM


In Arkhangelsk in the upper-air station (AE Arkhangelsk) Northern Hydrometeorological installed a new super-modern equipment — Doppler weather radar C-band (DMRL-C).

This radar is an operational weather radar network that uses technology to complex signals previously used only in the locators air traffic control and radio systems in defense of the country. As the press service of the North AHEM, their foreign counterparts do not have this equipment.

Weather radar DMRL-C is designed for technical specifications Hydromet Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey".
  DMRL-C is designed to provide meteorological and hydrological forecasting information of Hydrometeorology, meteorological services, civil aerodromes, as well as other consumers radar weather information. It will more accurately identify hazards.

DMRL-C provides a receipt and issue a radius of 250 km in the operational mode (every few minutes) meteorological products:

  • obtain information about the fields of cloudiness, precipitation and related severe weather (thunderstorms, hail, storms, etc.), intensity and accumulated rainfall for any period of time, wind conditions and the turbulent state of the atmosphere, the phase state of hydrometeors in the clouds (with the ability to work in dual polarization mode), water content of clouds and other geophysical phenomena and processes;
  • determine the height of the upper limit of radio;
  • mapping the distribution of radar reflectivity at different altitude levels, the type of pseudo-CAPPI;
  • calculation and display of the vertical profile of wind speed and direction to the height of the upper limit of detection of meteorological objects;
  • displays the intensity of precipitation (with the possible assessment of the type of precipitation — rain, snow, hail);
  • display the accumulated precipitation for each time interval;
  • definition of severe weather (hail, lightning, hail of strong winds, intense rain and snow, strong turbulence);
  • display the speed and direction of movement of cloud systems;
  • display of radar reflectivity in three dimensions;
  • issuance of radar data in the required overheads.

Currently in Northern Hydrometeorological completed acceptance testing DMRL-C. The equipment is ready, the system will launch in May.

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