New woodworking complex earned a Tyukalinsk near Omsk region

In Tyukalinsk near Omsk region started another small business of timber processing. The project was implemented by "AC-Forest" and provides for the production of lumber processing capacity of up to 50 cubic meters. m wood night.

Enter the new production is the second stage in the creation of modern woodworking complex with a closed production cycle. In the first phase in September 2011, the company built a workshop for the production of fuel briquettes from waste wood production capacity of 20 tons per day.Investment in the new project amounted to more than 13 million rubles. Starting in 2011, the company in the creation of woodworking facilities in the area Tyukalinskaya invested about 40 million rubles. With the commissioning of the new line of workers employed in manufacturing increased from 15 to 40.

The project was implemented with funding under the leasing scheme. This allows the company to qualify for state support of up to $ 3 million as part of a regional program "Development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Omsk region (2009 — 2013)"

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