New Year’s Fair

In Dnepropetrovsk, the square it. Lenina 27, 28 and 29 December from 8:00 to15: 00 New Year’s Fair will be held at the prices of commodity producers

In the first 11 months of 2012, the Dnipropetrovsk increased its food production over the same period of the previous year, including increased production of meat products by 1.7%, butter — by 60.4%, cereals — by 52.7%, fat cheese — by 45%, flour — by 13.8%, vegetable oil — by 9.2% .

As the chairman of the regional state administration, Dmitry Kolesnikov, the Dnipropetrovsk region will continue the practice of holding agricultural fairs in the region.

These days on the food fair will bring together some 100 agricultural farms and processing enterprises from different parts of the city and the region. On sale they bring meat products, vegetables, fruits, seafood, sugar, flour and cereals, bread, butter, eggs and other food products
"Conducting agricultural fairs has become a tradition in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Such activities stimulate the sale of products of regional producers and on the eve of major holidays allow people of the region to acquire high-quality products are most in demand, at prices below the market average, "- said the governor.

Dmitry Kolesnikov said that the Dnipropetrovsk regional leadership during Alexander Vilkul established systematic work aimed at the saturation of the consumer market with quality products and support to domestic producers, and this practice will continue.

For three years in the field of organized more than 10,000 trade fairs. For regional agricultural areas on the market without paying for the place. Due to this, the region’s residents can purchase agricultural products at prices on average by 15-20% below the average.

On New Year’s Fair can buy flour, cereals, vegetables, fruits, butter, honey, sugar, eggs, meat and meat products, dairy products, and fish. On average, these products will be sold at prices 15-20% lower than the average.

In the pre-New Year stock to meet the demand of the residents in the area of high-quality products at affordable prices and create a festive mood, have joined trade network in the region. Chain store "ATB", "Varus", "Sil’po," "Eve" and the others spend Christmas campaign for the sale of food products, including products for the holiday table (chocolates, sparkling wine, vegetables, fruit, cold cuts, cheeses, canned products alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks), non-food products and holiday gift assortment (perfumes and cosmetics, souvenirs, etc.) at a special discount.

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