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Autoplatforms "Typhoon" aircraft fires at targets on the road, forcing nearly two-meter fords and accelerates to 100 km / h

LCD touch screen, on-board information and control systems, ceramic armor to withstand penetration of armor-piercing bullets and shrapnel, the ability to move over rough terrain at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour — is the near future of our military vehicles.

All the while she kept secret. Nevertheless, the "Izvestia" managed to not only look at her, talk to the developers, but also to take pictures during a private show at the site of the 21st Scientific-Research Test Center in suburban Bronnitsi Defense.

Green scrim on the perimeter, tall trees above your head securely hid from view the exposure of five futuristic trucks and SUVs. A new generation of Russian military automotive named "Typhoon". Moreover, less is known about him than about the plane of the fifth generation of the T-50.

— What is the car of new generation? -I ask the director for strategic development, "Ural" Alexander Vedernikov. — What qualities must have a car that was about it can say that?

— The revolutionary moment that the last time a brand new car platform is adopting as many as in 1961. It was our "Ural" — he explains. And refuses to discuss the details — the development of something secret.

More talkative techniques were standing at the machine. One of them explained that the basic requirements for machines — a modular design. The military requires that the car was built by the formula: "modules — a platform — a family."

— At one time, the topic was entitled "Garage", — explained the "Izvestia", the former Chief of Defense Armored Directorate Sergey Maev. — Her goal was to complete the unification of vehicles produced by different manufacturers. To achieve this was possible only in the case of heavy trucks. For example, a family of KamAZ "Mustang". It is created on one platform, but depending on the objectives of a 2 -, 3 -, 4-axle layout drawings. "Typhoon" deeper develop this area. The vehicles are united engines, cabins and other construction sites.

According to the designers, the machines are hydropneumatic, independent suspension, on-board managers have the information systems. In the cockpit of one of the trucks "Ural" we were able to see the driver in the instrument panel LCD touch screen, with which the management board computer. It controls the operation of all units of the automobile, and also provides the use of weapons installed on the machine.

Cars equipped with the sixth level of protection

PC machine automatically calculates the angle of inclination of the body, it correlates with the speed, terrain, selects the clearance, gives a correction to the weapons system. Today is controlled so the newest anti-aircraft missile system "Armour" at the 4-axle truck chassis "KAMAZ".

— This is the only system in the world that allows you to while driving to fire at air targets with artillery and missile weapons, — says deputy director of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau Yuri Savenkov.

Changed and the principle of the protection of people in the cabin or "live" module. All armored vehicles for the 6th level. This means that the car body armor protection to withstand armor-piercing bullets shot of 7.62 mm caliber almost point-blank, to protect from falling debris and unexploded ordnance near save lives even when hit by a mine with capacity of 8 kg. To do this, all vehicles are equipped with special anti-mine seats. Their design secures the rights and absorb the energy of the explosion.


As the developers say, is taken into account is another requirement — the throughput and speed of movement over rough terrain. All the machines are able to force the fords 1.75 meters deep — the driver at this moment sitting waist-deep in water — up the slopes with an angle of not less than 30 degrees, to overcome the concrete barriers. The rate, which is now for this class of vehicles does not exceed 45 km per hour, for a new generation of cars will increase to 100 km.

The first of a new generation of cars waiting in the Army in 2015.

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