News from the construction site the Adler (March 2013)

On the cable-stayed bridge has already begun laying asphalt.

On the road Adler — "Alpica Service" is being prepared for connection to permanent sources of energy supply, as well as in road tunnel number 2 are authorized to install fire-resistant plates.

In the areas of construction of cable-stayed bridge, located at the 25th kilometer of combined railway and road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service" began laying the roadway. Experts have already laid the first layer of asphalt on parts of the river bed and trestle bridge.

— In general, the process of laying asphalt on the cable-stayed bridge is the same as the device works on the pavement on the road the rest of the road bridges. However, given the fact that the cable-stayed bridge — the only building of its kind all over the combined track, laying the first layer took place under the scrutiny of all the services of our company, — said Andrei Dobrovolsky, a spokesman for the Sochi division of the company "BUILD TRUST", which belongs to the group of companies "IC BRIDGE".

In the coming days, the builders will lay a second layer of pavement on the overpass and the bed part of the bridge. When working on the device of the pavement of the bridge will be completed, the experts "SK MOST" will begin efforts to regulate cable system.

In the largest road tunnel combined road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service", a length of 3201 meters, work began on the sets of refractory lining plates.

— In case of fire, these structures must protect systems engineering and structural engineering permanent tunnel lining from destruction by fire, — said Victor Balandin, technical director of "BUILD TRUST", which belongs to the group of companies "IC BRIDGE". — The need for the installation of such panels is due primarily to the fact that high temperatures have a negative effect on the strength characteristics of the main structures tunnel.

Work on the installation of refractory slabs scheduled to be completed by mid-April.

Road tunnel number 2 is part of the third tunnel complex, which is situated on a plot of 24 to 29 kilometers of the combined route. It is the longest combined road tunnel complex, which consists of a railway tunnel (4615 m), the road tunnel (3201 m), as well as service-evacuation tunnel (5853 m) which are necessary for the maintenance of transport tunnels. The tunnels were built in two years — from 2009 to 2011

At construction sites combined Adler actively being laying of cable lines of constant power (10 kW) tunnel complexes and highway.

— Our challenge is to move as quickly as possible all the objects of the combined road to a permanent power supply. Given the great length of the route, the works are all over the place, and in some areas has already been completed — said Gennady Dmitriev, chief power engineer Sochi division of the company "BUILD TRUST" group company "IC BRIDGE". — For example, electric lines laid on the road to the south portal of the third tunnel complex, installed all the substations are made outdoor lighting network. Also finished laying the cables in the first and third tunnel complexes, there now being commissioned work.

In the near future, specialists will perform the full work of laying of cable lines of railway tunnels number 2, 4, 6, tunnel complex number 5, as well as on the road from the north portal third tunnel complex to the south portal of the fifth tunnel complex.

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