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ICE and FBI special services detained more than a dozen pedophiles to molest students directly to the school walls. And one of the detainees for years shooting movies in the classrooms.

Independent organizations have once again called teachers of New York among the worst in the country, noting the stable low student achievement. Moreover, the school staff has repeatedly incriminating in roughness and physical abuse. Even the most respectable nerves were frayed.

In the city of East Norport security services detained a local resident Willard Lanherma who stole from the Department of Education $ 1.7 million. By stealing public money, the scammer has used hacking technique «skimming». He bought a super-expensive cars, tickets to the Super Bowl and luxury properties. The fact that Lanhermu long time managed to remain unnoticed, once again confirms the rumors of a "bureaucratic chaos," which can be seen today in the Department of Education of New York (NYCDOE) and the structures under him.

In addition, Mayor Bloomberg announced the impending closure of 33 city schools. A special commission will establish why the educational institutions were in the lists of "worst", will take appropriate action, and try to open them again in September 2012.

The mayor also plans to upgrade the teaching staff in each city school: More than half of teachers leave their positions, and in their place come new specialists (the emphasis is scheduled to make young graduates). This initiative will cause another powerful blow to the educational system of the Big Apple.

Who is to blame for the problems NYCDOE, from which, ultimately, affect children?

First, the school chancellor Dennis Walcott. This is one of the strangest figures in the political arena in New York. On the one hand, it is designed to protect teachers. On the other hand, in every way condones governor Bloomberg.

"Our mayor has always fiercely supported the interests of the teachers — recently said Walcott, speaking in the lobby of high school Oakland Gardens. — Do not forget that during his tenure, teachers' salaries have increased by an average of 43%. "

After this cynical statement that instantly booed employees of educational institutions, Walcott had the potential to become an "enemy number one" for the New York teachers, because during his reign Bloomberg has fired thousands of people. Hold on to their positions have to work much harder, as the classes grew, it became more disagreements between teachers and students.

In addition, very ugly to talk about increasing wages by as much as 43% over the last decade (Bloomberg rules from 1 January 2002) in the city, where taxes, fees, fines and other "extortion" grew by almost 70%.

Walcott is as far from the real issues of education, as Joel Klein, who served as chancellor of the school from 2002 to 2010. Both of them have done a lot of false statements. Both worked solely on budget cuts, not to improve the school system.

The second culprit problems NYCDOE, in my opinion, are the parents of students who, as one of the users of internet forum, "never before in the history of New York did not behave so indifferently."

Moms and dads who are forced to work hard in the midst of the economic crisis, are not interested in school problems. According to the street survey of the New York media, only one in seven parents understand what changes occur in the NYCDOE, and what can lead Bloomberg's ambitious plans to reduce training costs.

"We have to protect our children from large classes — wrote in the online blog New Yorker Joan Elloun whose children attend class for up to 32 people. — Let's go out to arrange a demonstration or hunger strike. We must speak out against school innovations. "

Class sizes, by the way, can easily grow to 35 — 40 people by the end of 2012. If this happens, the problems of the New York Education will only intensify.

Bloomberg, however, does not look away. For him, the main thing — "sit out" a third mayoral term, and maximally reduce the budget deficit to still remain in the history of the Big Apple "business executive" and not "spendthrift." However, people pozhivshie "at Bloomberg," his negative opinion of him is unlikely to change.

Another paradox NYCDOE is that any innovation can not be agreed with by the students. In schools, California, Florida, Texas and other states, such as regular testing programs aimed to find out what they want the children themselves. New York same school no one ever nothing to ask. The officials, most of whom do not attend educational institutions, the old-fashioned agree with each other. Therefore it is not surprising that a number of programs to fight with the school sadism, racism and calls for tolerance fail miserably. Officials announced about them and forgot, because summarize and report nothing.

But the most big trouble lies in the fact that public attention is drawn to the small incidents that occurred on school walls, instead of the entire rotten educational system of the city, generating most of these incidents in a large quantity.

A clear proof of that — the case of the 59-year-old teacher Grace Peterson Hadendorf of Queens. She worked at the school 27 years and was described as a great professional. The scandal also broke out when she tried to call to order the 6-year-old Jennifer O'Brien. Peterson Hadendorf took her by the neck and a little "shook". After this, the child was in the hospital because of "redness and swelling" is not the neck. Peterson Hadendorf now faces 7-year prison term.

There is no doubt that now the parents' beaten and humiliated black child "will try to squeeze out of a multimillion compensation for" moral and physical damage suffered by the pain and suffering. "

In conclusion I would say that the reduction of teachers, increasing class, school closures and the creation of entirely new teaching staff in an extremely short period of time will create a huge amount of problems. First of all, drop school discipline. Therefore, as correctly noted by one of the bloggers: "If Bloomberg started bring it to the end, let them return to the New York schools flogging punishment. Calm the children with a kind word and example the teachers are unlikely to succeed. Schools are slowly but surely sink into chaos … "

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