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In August of this year, on top of the glacier Kurkure North-Chu ridge Altai expedition climbers lovers discovered the remains of an unusual creature.

— A find I discovered quite by accident — says biologist, expedition member Sergei Semyonov. — Stumbled on some object. The first thing I realized — this is the remains of an animal. Wondered whose it: so high in the mountains, few lives. We looked at and wondered: stop — do not stop the hand — not a hand? We came to the conclusion that this is the remains of a very strange feet (see photo), so I decided to bring her Barnaul scientist.

The Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the Altai Agricultural University just gasped. Employee of the Department of Anatomy and Histology Yuri Kemmer, together with Sergei Semenov organized a new expedition to the same sites and brought a few fragments — a part of the hip, and three ribs.

Barnaul, researchers discovered that the limb belonged to an adult formed the substance supposedly female. And if the "snow woman" was wearing shoes, it would have been felt boots or boots a size 37. However, being in the footwear is not needed. Found at the foot remained intact portion of the skin, overgrown with the same hair, both on the lower leg. This surprising fact can unequivocally say that just being passed around on a soft surface — apparently the snow, otherwise the hair would be erased.

His discovery of the scientists of the Institute shared with the local media. Rose indescribable excitement! Interested in finding the Germans and Spaniards, Japanese and Americans.

A man or a bear?
Radiographs of the limb astounded many experts. The question of a paw or leg is a godsend, representatives of the scientific world divided into two camps. On the first findings of the scientists, "AIF" said graduate student of the Department of Anatomy and Histology Maria Bannikova:

— Certainly looks not at all similar to humans: covered fairly thick hair. On the fingers — nails like the claws of animals. But that's exactly nails: nails grow out pillows, arching over them arc, and they grew up on a limb, as human fingers. Anatomical structure is very similar to human bone. However, to say definitely that it stops a person can not be here's why: a human thumb up two phalanges, and the creature on the thumb of their three (the third — the nail, it can be clearly seen in the photo). In humans, the little finger has three phalanges, and here on the little finger — only two. Similarly arranged fingers bear, and because they say "Bruin Bear". Questions causes heel piece: it flattened.

To the side of "bear" nature remains found leaning head of the department of anatomy and histology of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor Yury Malofeev. Graduate student Yuriy Kemmer holds the second version:

— At the foot of bearish other sizes: it is wider and shorter than a foot found the limb. And then, the structure of the bones suggests that the creature was bipedal, and the Bears have been known to move about on all fours.

Moscow verdict
Of course, finding interested and various capital organizations. The first fund "Kriptosfera" under whose auspices the Russian association works cryptozoologists. The task of unification — search kriptozoologicheskih species in the first place — the relic hominoids (such is the scientific name of "Bigfoot"). The head of the fund "Kriptosfera", Vice-Chairman of the Society of cryptozoologists, Ph.D. Igor Burtsev also issued a ruling regarding the findings of the Altai: "It's definitely a bear. The only question is to what exactly mean it belongs. "

Meanwhile, the Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the limb tissue samples were compared with tissue preparations of the brown bear, which was brought to the "sacrifice of science." The results disappointed supporters anthropoid theory: the structure of tissues findings proved to be very similar to a bear. However, scientists are going to conduct a more detailed analysis. After all, do not want to part with the dream of a "snow man"!
Margarita Druzhinins, Barnaul
Photo by author

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