NGO ELSIB — prozvodstvo generators and motors (PHOTOS)

Picture story Vadim Mahorova from April 2012, but I believe that it is quite relevant.


The only factory in the Urals, which makes turbo-and hydro-generators and electric motors. The plant, which does not cease work. The plant, which would like to take pictures.

1. Making the stator TF-45 (turbogenerator with indirect cooling of the stator winding and directly cooling the rotor winding).

A little about the company and manufactured products.

At the moment, NGO "ELSIB" JSC  is an independent engineering company specialist. The main production is focused on the same industrial site with a minimum of cooperation and subcontracting.

The main activities:

  • design and manufacture of turbine generators and hydro generators;
  • design and production of induction motors and inverters;
  • design, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance of power electronics (excitation system turbo and hydro generators, hydrogen cooling systems, control systems of dynamo-electric converters, frequency, etc.);
  • maintenance, assembly, repair and modernization of power equipment, as their production and other manufacturers.

2. The stator generator TVF-110 before sending it to the customer, the power of 110 MW.

Hydroelectric generators are designed to generate electricity in direct conjunction with the hydraulic turbine. Apply the power plant, pumped storage.

Here are some photos 1. and 2. — hydro generator rotor Novosibirsk HPP, 3. — modernization of the Krasnoyarsk hydro-power plant (which will be a separate post closer to summer) 4. — hydroelectric generators in the engine room.

3. Housing the stator

Turbo-generators are designed to generate electricity with the direct connection to steam and gas turbines in CHP plants, thermal power plants, hydro power.
4. The rotor in the stator winding of the motor series 2ADO. Series motors are used to drive 2ADO draft equipment, and similar mechanisms in other areas of the industry. Allow operation in dusty environments and outdoors.

Large electric car designed for driving pumps, blowers, compressors, conveyor coal pumps and other high-speed mechanisms. Induction motors are used in energy, transportation of oil and oil products, oil refining, petrochemical, coal, mining, metallurgical industry and other sectors of the economy, including in hazardous industries.

Here is one example of CEM
5. Rotor motors series AVTS and ADO to machining.

The enterprise has a strong production and testing facilities with modern certified stands for inspection and testing during the production of individual components and the finished product. Used technological processes, equipment and materials allow for special processing equipment, testing new products, to carry out the modernization and repair of electrical equipment in service.

I hasten to say fans of "old equipment, plundered the country, the factories are." The plant is quite a lot of modern CNC machines, but they are not as beautiful as the old Soviet. Modern — boxy, gray and closed. So in the photo will be mostly little old machines, because behind them and the people and the manufacturing process more visible.
6. Welding generator stator housing

For more than half a century, the company has become one of the leading companies in the design and manufacture of turbine generators, hydro-generators, high-voltage induction motors and other large electrical machines, excitation systems. The company supplies its products to the power generation facilities, oil and gas, coal, chemical and other industries, both in Russia and abroad.
7. Welder at work

"ELSIB" — is a company that has a strong scientific and industrial base, its foundations and traditions. Today, about 30% of the installed generating capacity in the Russian power plants accounted for the generators’ ELSIB. "
8. Stripping motor assemblies

Filmed mostly in the morning. During the dinner, which lasted half an hour, all production rises, shops are empty, the light turned off everywhere and total silence. But as soon as dinner is over, life begins to boil again, around gnashing of iron, the hum of machines.

Next will mostly only the photos. I think the cycle of steps described there is no point to the same fear that I would fail.
9. Press rotary cutting iron

10. View from the tap

11. The company employs more than 1,700 people. They work in three shifts.

12. Welder

13. Production of parts for hydro-power plant of Ust-Khantaiskaya

14. Ust-Khantaiskaya plant is unique, it is one of the most northern power plant in the world and is built in an extremely harsh environment.

15. Greenest place. Brigade obmotchits graced their jobs a variety of plants

16. Obmotchitsy. Frontal (curved) part of electric coils wound by hand, and
grooving (straight) — on the machines.

17. Wrapped coils will soon be sent to the insulation of

18. That’s the "hammer" is placed in the stator coils of the motor

19. But the bigger items. Impregnated rods turbogenerator

20. The rods are placed in the stator and fixed

21. Distillation of the wedge turbine generator TF-80

22. Sending the stator housing for machining

23. Another housing the stator TF-80

24. Painting of the rotor rim for Zaramagskaya hydro-power plant

25. Ready for the structural elements of hydro power plant Zaramagskaya.

26. View from above. In the boxes — units of finished products

27. The biggest "carousel" (Vertical lathe) at the factory. On lathes are processed hydro generator rotor core.

28. Side view

29. Vertical lathe smaller operation. Processing footstep disk hydro-

30. Template for shaping rods turbo gives the necessary form rods

31. Side view

32. Cameras for impregnation of electric motors. Camera consist of two parts: the lower motor is placed, and the top as a cover closed

33. Plot stamping and painting iron

34. Rotors of turbine shafts

35. Stamps for the press for cutting iron

36. Punching flight

37. An employee for boring machines

38. The photo is slotting the repair of the rotor of the motor

39. Welders

40. Veneer sheets housing the stator

41. Stator housing waiting trim

42. Painting

43. The processing of the rotor

44. Plot zhelezosborki rotor motors

45. Soldering the short-circuiting rings on the rotor repair 2AZM4000

46. Drills for CNC (numerical software)

47. Fans and spider rotor motors

48. Planer at work



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