NGO Geliymash is equipped with modern equipment Nitrogen


The specialists of JSC "NPO" Geliymash "designed and manufactured equipment for gas processing plant (CPG) of" Nitrogen "of" UCC "Uralkhim" (Berezniki).
By order of the branch of "UCC" Uralkhim "Scientific and Production Association" Geliymash "dispatched a special turbo-expander unit for cooling in the turbine module with improved aerodynamics and lubrication unit, water-cooled stainless steel.
Currently, workers CPG Berezniki branch started installation of new equipment. According to the press service of the enterprise, the main products are air separation plants — nitrogen gas. It is used for purging and pressure testing of process equipment of other departments of the enterprise. In a compressed air supplied to the separation unit is cooled to -196 ° C, followed by physico-chemical process is separated into nitrogen and oxygen. A total of CPG are three such units.

Following the planned repairs in the workshop for the production of weak nitric acid (shop number 5) of "Nitrogen" of "UCC" URALCHEM "in Berezniki in 2011, will release 1,086 million tons of this production, which is 23,412 tonnes more than in 2010.

Stabilizes the complex of measures of the units for the production of weak nitric acid. Currently completed renovation of the unit number 1B. For ten days by the personnel department, repair and production department and contractors refurbished machines, valves, piping and boiler steam generation.

Start of repair of two similar units. In particular, the unit number 3A started repair apparatus and pipelines, and to change the catalyst unit contact grid. At the gas compressor is diagnosed bearings, rotors and vanes.

Conduct scheduled maintenance on the unit number and 4B. Within two weeks, will be replaced by the rotor vanes and the ring of gas and air compressor.

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