NGO Premium Engineering — a resident of Skolkovo

"Research and Production Association" Premium Engineering "received a certificate confirming the company’s register of members and the status of the program innovation center" Skolkovo ".
NGO project "Premium Engineering" addresses the two major strategic objectives. The first challenge is the ennoblement of heavy and heavy oil and natural bitumen in field conditions to produce easily transportable synthetic crude oil, which will enter into commercial operation vast reserves of unconventional hydrocarbons. The second strategic objective is the processing of heavy oil residues produced at the refinery. Meeting this challenge will help increase the depth of processing on large oil refinery, and the enterprises of medium and small power.
Technology HOUP, offered by "Premium Engineering" is a significant modification of the thermal cracking, while significantly superior to all the world analogues and implemented by well-known in the oil refining equipment. The process does not require a catalyst or hydrogen, and has minimal requirements for the presence of infrastructure, which enables the use of technology in the field conditions.
Feature of this technology is the use of the combined method of energy supply to the processed raw material that can evenly and gradually increase the internal energy of the molecules of raw materials and report only needed to break the weakest links of energy. New technology allows stable high yield of desired products — motor fuels, especially diesel, with a minimum output of byproducts in the form of light hydrocarbon gases and coke and can be used in a refinery for processing a wide range of petroleum residues.
Licensing of the innovation center "Skolkovo" is from mid-December 2010. Applications are evaluated by the Expert panels of the Fund "Skolkovo", whose members are known Russian and foreign scientists, technology entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. At present, the status of a "Skolkovo" is assigned 98 companies, including NGOs and the "Premium Engineering".
Innovation center "Skolkovo" — scientific and technological complex for the development and commercialization of new technologies, situated near Moscow. The purpose of the center is to create in Russia a supportive environment that will promote industrial upgrading and development of innovative projects.

Additional Information:
Contact: Mary Zhuravova,
Position: Head of Marketing
Phone: +7 (495) 620-97-97

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