NGOs and RIC-Systems agreed to supply Sepura TETRA-GLONASS equipment


Cambridge (UK) held a working meeting of representatives of NGOs and RIC-Systems company Sepura. The key issue of the negotiations were deliveries of subscriber equipment TETRA-GLONASS the Russian market in 2012.
During the meeting the parties discussed the timing, amount and conditions for the supply of equipment TETRA-GLONASS in Russia, as well as the prospects of cooperation between the companies and the development of joint projects. Company RIC-Systems has already supplied to the Russian market in 1500 vozimykh terminals with built-in GLONASS, which will be used, including during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. In the future, the planned delivery of 8,000 units.
Meeting in Cambridge cemented an important stage of the scientific, technical and commercial cooperation between the Russian company NPO RIC-Systems and a leading supplier of TETRA standard British company Sepura.
The signing of the partnership agreement between the NGO RIC-Systems and Sepura was held at the conference on ‘Hardware and TETRA-GLONASS solutions for professional radio communication systems ", which was held in the framework of the international exhibition" CSTB 2011 ". The strategic agreement provides for cooperation in order to advance in the Russian equipment and integrated solutions using GLONASS technology and TETRA.

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