NGOs NL — from hand-held drills to the construction of buildings

There are tools for dealing with that, new opportunities and there is a pleasant feeling that everything in your power and succeed.

Hand drill ‘RBI-5 "brilliant representative of this family. With very modest price the buyer gets a device that exceeds their expectations.

About manually storm ‘RBI-5 "

Not to mention the quality of the products such as durability, ease of operation and durability, which means of course, the main advantage of the product is its scalability — that is, the opportunity to purchase a minimum set required for a specific task. And in consequence of the re-buy those items that are required over time.

Hand drill RBI-5


A problem that is able to solve this tool is extremely extensive. The setting of the pillars to create the foundations and deep wells (over 15 meters). And each year, as new devices, the range of tasks performed expanding.

RBI-5 — drill rod (200 mm.)


The main advantages of this tool:

Heavy construction provided by using 38 mm pipe with a wall thickness of 3.5 mm.
Reliable and fast fixation of all the elements that guarantees a reliable connection with any manipulation of the instrument.
Load capacity: on the rise — up to 2,000 lbs., On rotation — up to 50 kgf · m
Modular design — all elements can be interconnected in any logically meaningful combinations.
Ease of removal from the well through the use of interceptions — elements that fed into the rod.

For details about manually storm ‘RBI-5 "can be found on the manufacturer’s website —


Manufacturer of hand drill ‘RBI-5 "is a small company in New Lala, Sverdlovsk region — NGOs NL. The head of the company Izmestev Alexander:

Izmestev AV


"Production of manual drilling equipment (and not only them) do more than 10 years. This is an area where a quality product at a reasonable price is almost absent. This, in turn, hampers the development of the private construction. And let this constraint is not very noticeable, but it is.

Independence from construction companies, teams, etc., the ability to perform scheduled at any convenient time — all this greatly simplifies the execution of works, and saves a substantial amount of money. Another important factor is the fact that all the work can be done with a degree of accuracy that you need, without the fear that everything will be furrowed and plowed.

In addition, there are many cases where nothing other than by hand, the task is not performed. And here is particularly affected by the lack of good tools. "

The company currently employs 7 people. Basically it is part of Design.

Production drilling equipment — one of the few areas of NGO activities NL. Over the next two years, the company plans to start production of a complete line of devices and products for private construction. These products will allow anyone wanting their own "check out", starting from zero, where the drilling equipment used to complete the construction of the building and put it into operation.

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