Night vision goggles (BSS-300). Developed Cherkassky GP NPK



Designed for use as a means of orientation in the field, covert surveillance, search and surveillance purposes in limited visibility, as well as in complete darkness using infra-red illuminator.
Points can be used as binoculars. In order to increase the range and quality of surveillance in their design can be easily integrated laser illuminator and lens with a 3-fold increase.
Points are used to perform various tasks in the armed forces, law enforcement, border troops and other structures.
Points are mounted on the head of a man with a mask. They can also be mounted on a helmet. Fixing method specified in the order.

Main technical characteristics

Detection range, however, m:    
— The growth of a human figure   250
— Armored vehicles   400
Magnification   1
Angular field of view, degrees.   36
Power source (battery type)   CR 123 A Lithium
Supply voltage,   3
Dimensions points, mm   140h112h58
Weight points kg   0.62
Overall dimensions of the bag for packing, mm   250h180h220
Set weight, kg   1.6

SBU with PNV BSS-300

Bag PNV BSS-300

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