Night vision goggles new generation


Russian night-vision — the best in the world. And only the inertia of thinking hinders their implementation in a broad military and civilian practice. Moscow "Geophysics-NV" showed the technique and technology of such a level that today only forces the U.S. industry, and even then not always. Completed development and testing of night vision goggles new generation. In one of the countries in the Middle East, completed testing of various night vision systems for helicopters. The Russian was better than American ones. Somewhere said about nanotechnology in the future tense. In "Geophysics-NV" have created a platform for their systems based on nanotechnology. It is already possible to produce so-called strapdown surveillance system. Border guards are beginning to use the system, which allows a distance of about 4 km at night to see the man in the thick grass. And not only see, but also record the exact coordinates of the observed object. The pilot of the helicopter, using modern "night" glasses, is able to see the dead of night as by day in a radius of several kilometers. For the first time in the world created by electron-optical converters operating in the ultraviolet range. It is a revolution in night vision

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