Night Watch — Expedition black narodovedov

About six months ago, in the late evening, I called a black narodovedom, took over the family camera, told my wife that I was going to the Night’s Watch, and left for the night Fota cemetery and the ruins. For six months I have accumulated a number of "alternative-art" images of abandonment that I am today and I want to share with you.

All their reports and foty six months repost here I will not get tired of it all and I am, to process reports removing Test Forum is not very interesting, so if you are interested in anything, I will provide links to material on your blog.


1. The ruins of the windmill / d Urved, gnocchi district, Minsk region, Belarus

On that day, I traveled to several zabroshkam. If interested, sunset pictures mill and the surrounding landscape, the ruins of a wooden church, more about the ones I talked in his blog this link.

2. The ruins of the estate Svyatskov "Old Belica" / d Flame Sennensky district, Vitebsk region, Belarus


4. The ruins of the church of St. Nicholas / d Slobidka, Beshenkovichy district, Vitebsk region, Belarus

About the "Old Belitz," ruins of the church, and 5 churches, the church and the distillery can be I have read here.

5. The ruins of the estate Tyshkevichs "Sluggish" / d Rud, Volozhin district, Minsk region, Belarus



Oh, and "sluggish" is generally a very special place, one of the first photographic studios not only in Belarus but also in Europe. And there is an abandoned Soviet sanatorium 80s, guarded.

8. The ruins of the chapel, the tomb Reitanov / d Grushevka, Lyahovichskij district, Brest region, Belarus






Chapel-tomb Reitanov — one of the most impressive chapels, I would say, "one of two impressive." More details and how it looked 100 years ago see here.

13. Ruins of Trinity Church / d White Church, Chashniki District, Vitebsk, Belarus

White Church — a unique place for Belarus. The church stands on a high peninsula in the middle of the lake. Previous photo was taken a year ago, with him and my passion.



Read more about the church night here and more details here.



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