NIIOSP them. NM Gersevanov. Construction of the largest foundations in Europe.

The foundation — the foundation of any building. The higher the building, the more difficult it is arranged invisible, underground part. To the house stood firm, you need to choose the right materials for the foundations. Also, it is important to carefully design the pits, the location of joists and the formation of underground parking.

All of these are handled by experts NIIOSP. One of the most difficult objects of their work in the capital city is the transport terminal MIBC.

Construction on the 11th section of the Business Center.





Render transportonogo terminal




Today, many "experts" like to criticize any major projects in Russia and the Moscow International Business Center is no exception. Some argue that skyscrapers will inevitably lead to the collapse of the transport, the other that the soil in our capital allegedly in general "not suited" to the construction supertolov. In the movie below you can learn a lot about the construction technology of unique objects from employees NIIOSP them. NM Gersevanov and dispel some of the myths about it. 

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