NIKIMT Atomstroy-manufactured control system for the reactor pressure vessel

Rostov NPP

Parent Materials Research Organization of the State Corporation "Rosatom" of "NIKIMT-Atomstroy" (included in the control loop of "AEP") produced SK187MB automated system for remote non-destructive testing of metal casing of the reactor VVER-1000.

The monitoring system will be put to SK187MB one of the largest energy companies of the South of Russia — Rostov nuclear power plant.  
Control system SK187MB be controlled remotely, and is designed for pre-operational periodic monitoring operational state of the metal complex of the reactor vessel into the core, the most loaded both thermally and with regard to effects on the metal neutron fluxes. Ultrasound system provides visual and status control of the base metal and welds the cylindrical housing portion and the bottom of the reactor with an elliptical outer side surface. Volume control of the reactor vessel welds includes assessment of weld, weld and the base metal in the weld zone. This is implemented in full compliance with the current regulatory documentation.

SK187MB consists of a mobile manipulator, which established control television cameras and acoustic blocks with piezoelectric transducers, contact liquid supply system, equipment for cleaning the body and ends the rector, the multi-channel ultrasonic flaw detector, TV monitor, control equipment, visualization and documentation of inspection results. In operation, the mobile crane is mounted with a control equipment supplied by the reactor and provides control of the cylindrical part and the bottom of the reactor vessel. The total monitoring time does not exceed 8 days.
SK187 in various versions put on all nuclear power plants with VVER-1000 Russia and Ukraine, as well as several foreign countries.

The monitoring system made for the third unit of Rostov NPP, successfully passed factory tests. In the process of preparing to undergo acceptance testing, after which SK187MB be staged at the plant. Control the operation of the complex will be experts, trained in the OAO "NIKIMT-Atomstroy."

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