Nikolaev has appeared first in Ukraine manned combat squadron

On the eve of the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, December 5, the Minister of Defense Dmitiry Salamatin has been the 4th time in the last three months was in Nikolaev.
But the reason for his visit was more than significant — in the 299 th Combat Aviation Brigade, which is deployed in Kulbakino, he brought with him two forms of modernized aircraft repair plant at Zaporozhye State Enterprise "UKROBORONSERVICE" "MiG-repair" Su-25M1.

Immediately after the plane landed Dmitry Salamatin, Chief of Staff, Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Vladimir Zaman and Archbishop Belotserkovskii and Bohuslav Augustine went to the observation deck, where watched a span of four units of Su-25M1 and L-39 (composed of these units in the sky up and the two upgraded aircraft that arrived to the team last week.)

Frankly, this flight was abruptly than during the military parade on Khreschatyk.
In the sky in pairs rose 16 aircraft that have gone to the Minister and guests a special order of battle — Bearing.
By the way, this was not in the team since the collapse of the Soviet Union to the sky at the same time there was all combat squadron.
What is really there: it was beautiful and powerful.


Defense Minister presented gifts (hours) Nikolaev pilots — Major Vadim Dziubenko, captains Maxim Zhukov, Vladimir Chernyak, and Ilya Chistoevu and lieutenant Alexander Kandaurova.
A brigade commander, Colonel Vladimir Pomogaybo received from the hands of the Minister of Honour of the Ministry of Defence.

Going back to Nicholas’s team, for example, that for this year it received five upgraded Su-25M1, and all Air Force of Ukraine received this year’s 35 renovated "sides", and by the end of the year will get another 19 combat aircraft.

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